Wedding Quilts

I’m a sucker for tradition, especially when that tradition involves crafting. I think there’s nothing so perfect as giving a quilt as a wedding gift. One of the most traditional gifts there is, I think a quilt is a truly memorable and touching way to commemorate a special occasion, and there is no more special occasion than a wedding. A quilt for the marital bed has long been a classic wedding gift, and it’s one that I try to give every time I’m invited to attend a celebration.

There’s something wonderfully personal about a quilt that’s been made especially for you, and I love to make people feel special in that way. Just think about how special people feel when they are given a personalized gift such as their embroidered name on clothing. A customized quilt is even more personal and heartfelt.

My friend’s daughter is getting married in a few months, and I’m already planning a special wedding quilt for her. I’ve been sketching out a few designs, and I’ve almost finalized it.


Quilted fabric


There are many traditional wedding quilt patterns. Probably the most famous is the double wedding ring pattern. This resembles two wedding rings, interwoven, and is quite tricky to create but looks very beautiful. It’s possible this style of pattern dates back to the 1600s when Germanic people came to Pennsylvania to settle. It was certainly a popular design on a range of decorative objects during the early period of American’s colonization, although it didn’t become highly popular for use on quilts until the 1930s and 40s.

There are some other popular traditional patterns to choose from too. Love knot patterns are also a great choice for weddings (or engagements, or anniversaries too for that matter), and lovebirds are another great choice for weddings.

Floral patterns which echo the theme of the wedding’s color scheme or the bride’s bouquet are also a popular choice, and there are many beautiful flower quilt patterns out there that will look wonderful in any couple’s bedroom. Roses are probably the easiest and best choice for a romantic floral wedding quilt, since this is the type of flower which is most commonly linked with passion and love, and they look gorgeous when worked into a quilt.

Although the double wedding ring pattern is probably the most common, it’s not what I have in mind for my friend’s daughter. I’d rather make something a little more unique. That’s why I’m making a memory quilt. There are lots of ways to make a keepsake or memory quilt, either by using photo blocks by printing photos onto fabric, by making an autograph quilt with signatures of special people in the couple’s life, or by making a beautiful family tree quilt using applique. All of these are wonderfully original options and can be made in a range of colors to suit individual tastes and needs.

I’m not going to give away all of my quilt design for the happy couple, but I’m pretty confident that they’re going to find it really personal and special to them. I can’t wait to get started!


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