Nursing A Sore Throat

I woke up this morning with an awful sore throat. It was agony, like sandpaper every time I swallowed. It seemed a bit like overkill to go to the doctor about it, so I decided to try out a few home remedies first.

My mom used to tell me about a whole lot of simple home treatments to try so I decided to give some of them a try. The good news is that my throat’s already feeling quite a lot better. Mom really does know best!

I thought I’d share some of her advice with you since her remedies have worked so well for me. These are some of her best home remedies for a sore throat which she says that she’s tried and tested over the years and which have always proved to be very helpful for her.


Sore throat


Gargling with salt water. Salt in water calms inflammation by reducing the acidity that makes the throat irritated. It also draws irritants and infections out onto the throat’s surface so that body can tackle them more effectively. Simply dissolve up to half a teaspoon of salt in 8oz of warm water and gargle every couple of hours.

Drink cold liquids. Although it isn’t nice to take those first couple of swallows, the icy liquid dulls the pain of a sore throat and prevents swelling by calming inflammation and numbing the throat.

Avoid acidic food. One of the main causes of sore throats is acid reflux, and so avoiding any foods that cause this problem will help to stop the sore throat from getting worse. That means avoiding fried food, sodas and citrus fruit. Also, you should avoid eating for at least an hour before bedtime since eating just before lying down promotes reflux.

Take antacids – if reflux could be the cause of a sore throat, taking reflux meds like antacids help to stop the pain before it starts.

Sipping turmeric tea helps to beat the inflammation of a sore throat and relieves suffering.


Little girl while taking medicine


Simply add a couple of dashes to a cup of tea and drink.

Take ibuprofen – this anti-inflammatory eases irritation and swelling while also stopping throat clearing and coughing which stops the throat from healing effectively. Ibuprofen should always be taken along with food and you need to ensure you’re following the dosing instructions.

Get plenty of rest. Tiredness causes immune system problems and if you’re exhausted your body can’t heal itself properly. So go to bed, take some time out and avoid being stressed for a while to give your immune system a boost.

If all else fails and you try out these remedies with no avail, you should visit your doctor after 48 hours if the pain is still there. It is possible that the problem could be caused by a bacterial infection such as step b, and it won’t go away without taking a steroid or antibiotic treatment to cure the infection and relieve the pain.


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